When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

Learn to be Prepared

Dollar Store Prepping is for Everyone

Who says prepping has to be expensive? It doesn’t have to be if you can take advantage of your local dollar stores. We are fortunate in our area to have multiple dollar stores, some of which actually have items for $1.00. We go…

Hurricane Preparedness For Seniors Presents Unique Obstacles

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Presents Unique Challenges for Seniors Tropical storms and hurricanes are unique amongst natural disasters in that there is generally days or even week’s notice that a storm is coming. No other natural disaster actually has a “season” with a start and…

Plan Entertainment For Emergencies

Entertainment ideas

Most preppers ignore the need for entertainment during and after an emergency or disaster. They are so focued on safety, food and shelter that they oft forget about what they are going at night to keep their sanity. This is especially true with children and young adults who have come to rely on modern luxuries for entertainment. This article addresses these concerns and provides some possible options.

Storing Emergency Supplies In Your Home

Food pantry for long-term food storage

Some people use the excuse of not having room for storing supplies for ignoring the need to prepare. Look around your home and you will find plenty of places for storing supplies. This article will point out some great ideas and help you get over any fears of not having enough room.

My NRA Hat Stopped a Robbery

NRA hat stopped a robbery

I never drew my weapon or even made a threatening move. The thief saw that I was wearing an NRA hat and correctly assumed that there were easier prey. He quickly moved on and I was grateful. No one was hurt and we were not robbed. My NRA truly saved a life that night.

Be Diverse With Your Long-term Food Storage

Never place all of your food storage plans into one basket. Doing so restricts your ability to overcome all the emergencies that you could face. Some emergencies leave you with the ability to prepare foods while others eliminate everything except the jar of food in your hand. You must be ready for all types of disasters.

10 Reasons You Must Have a Pellet Rifle in Your Prep Supplies

Pellet rifle

Pellet Rifles Are Not Toys A pellet rifle is not a “Red Rider BB gun” for kids.  Modern pellet rifles are much more than a BB gun ever dreamt of being.  Accurate, deadly and completely legal.  I do not know of a state…

Pressure Canning Pink Eyed (Purple Hull) Peas

Pink eyed peas are a mild tasting pea that looks a lot like a black eyed pea. We cook them similar to a black eye pea but with an added twist that helps bring out the mild flavor.

Some might not know the pink eyed pea but may know it by another name…purple hulled peas. This is a vegetable that I grew up shelling during the picking season. Mom would bring home bushel baskets full of purple hulled peas and we would spend our Saturdays shucking peas.

Learn to pressure can pink eyed peas for daily use and long-term food storage. Watch the video and download the recipe and instructions.

Pressure Canning Butter Flavored White Corn

pressure canning butter flavored white corn

Pressure Canning White Corn With a Buttery Twist Take 8 pounds of fresh white corn from the farm and turn it into 14 jars of buttery delight.  That is what we are doing here.  We love white corn off the cob.  This recipe…

Pressure Canning Dried Black-eyed Peas

pressure canning black eyed peas

Pressure canning vegetables almost could not get any easier than dried black-eyed peas. Rinse the peas., add your spices and the peas. Add water and then place the lids and bands on the jars. Pressure can for 40 minutes and you now have black-eyed peas that taste better than anything you can get at your store and they cost less too.

Watch the video on this page and then download the PDF recipe to your local computer for future use.