When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Storing Emergency Supplies In Your Home

Food pantry for long-term food storage

Some people use the excuse of not having room for storing supplies for ignoring the need to prepare. Look around your home and you will find plenty of places for storing supplies. This article will point out some great ideas and help you get over any fears of not having enough room.

What Is The Prepping Lifestyle?

Are You Already Prepping? I am willing to bet real money that you’re already prepping and do not realize it.  Let’s see if you pass the test. When you go to the grocery store do you buy more than you need for just…

Water Filtration a Key to Survival

Water Filtration a Key to Drinking Water Technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to filter lake water and make it potable. Devices as small as a straw have been designed to drink directly from a contaminated water source and…

Harvesting Rainwater for Everyday Use

Harvesting Rainwater is Easier Than You Might Think Rainwater collection is much easier to do than I first thought. With only slight modifications to a gutter system on a house you can divert rain water from the gutter into large capacity containers that…

Storing Drinkable Water

Without Water You Won’t Survive Past 3 Days There is not much more important to your survival than storing drinking water. Without it you will not survive 3 days and you certainly will not be eating many meals from a jar. Water storage…