Why Reload or Build Ammunition?

Reloading or building ammunition is more than a fun hobby.  It is part of any survival plan.  The safety of you and your family will depend upon you protecting them from predators.  It could also depend upon your ability to provide for their food supply.

Here Are The Steps To Safely Reload Or Build Rifle Ammunition?

  1. Clean the brass cases.
  2. De-prime and resize the cases
  3. Remove the primer pocket crimp (military brass only)
  4. Clean and uniform the primer pocket
  5. Trim the cases to the recommended length
  6. Insert the new primer
  7. Charge the case with powder
  8. Insert and seat the new bullet
  9. Crimp the bullet

Learn more about reloading by clicking this link.

Some of these steps are combined when reloading.  That does help speed up the process.  Watch this video playlist to see each step and how long they take.