Common sense survival plansThe solution laid out here is a fairly broad stroke and needs to be adjusted for each individual and family member and family unit. This is what our family is doing and you need to either use the specifics listed or come up with your own solution based upon the special needs of your family unit. For us, we think this will work.

The Rule of 3’s

The plan is based upon the Boy Scout Survival Rule of 3’s. That is, you can survive:

  • 3 minutes without air.
  • 3 hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

Surviving 3 Days

For most disasters, especially the ones described earlier in this book it is widely accepted that if you can survive the first 3 days of the disaster then you should survive the entire disaster. Our first goal will be to survive 3 days.

We will make plans for the basic needs of our family for Shelter, Supplies and Safety for the initial 3 day period. Truth is, with everything but water you probably have enough supplies in your cupboard to last 3 days. Unless your home is destroyed you should be able to last through this initial disaster stage. Once we get past this stage we move on to the next.

Surviving 3 Weeks

Our next goal will be to survive for 3 weeks totally off the grid. This part of the plan will take us beyond the initial 3 days and have us ready to be self sufficient for up to 3 weeks.
This will include some very critical items that will require thought and effort such as the storage of meals, cooking fuel and water. Lots and lots of water or ways to filter water for drinking and cooking.

Safety and medical needs will be a consideration and will become a huge part of this section of the plan. Medications will start to run out and conditions previously under control will start to have very negative effects.

After the initial 3-day period people will begin to panic and start looting and foraging for food. During this 3 week period people will begin to become very desperate as they watch others die.

Surviving 3 Months

The next level of the plan will take us out to the 3 month mark. By the time we reach this stage society has totally reached the WROL stage. The worst of mankind have risen to power and are taking what they want. Safety will be a huge concern as unprepared people will have learned that taking what they want is the easiest and best method for them to survive.

By this time we have exhausted our clean water supply and we are relying on filtering of what water we can find.

Our cooking fuel has also ran out and we are cooking over wood fires or eating cold food.

Surviving 365 Days +

Beyond this time is it hard to plan. We can build food supplies to go well beyond the 3 month mark but we may have to begin growing our own food at this point. Since it does take months to harvest a crop we must start planting a garden during the 3 month period. This is going to present a new set of problems with people stealing our food before we can harvest it.

Beyond the 3 month period we will spend a large number of hours daily gathering supplies. Living in a city this means that we will be fighting over the same resources as other survivors.