When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Hunting and Fishing for Food

Hunting and fishing for food after weather related emergencies may not be possible.  Wildlife may have been blown away by the disaster.  After a hurricane there are no birds, small game or fish to be able to bring to your dinner table.  It will take days, weeks and months for them to return.

In other situations you may have the opportunity to hunt game and fish for food.  These articles will help you plan to be able to hunt and fish for food.

10 Reasons You Must Have a Pellet Rifle in Your Prep Supplies

Pellet rifle

Pellet Rifles Are Not Toys A pellet rifle is not a “Red Rider BB gun” for kids.  Modern pellet rifles are much more than a BB gun ever dreamt of being.  Accurate, deadly and completely legal.  I do not know of a state…

Special Problem – Hunting and Fishing for Food

Hunting for food

Hunting and Fishing May Not be an Option When I traveled to assist with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina I expected to have issues with insects. I expected mosquitoes, flies and roaches to be crawling from under piles of debris. What I found…