When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Dollar Store Prepping is for Everyone

Who says prepping has to be expensive? It doesn’t have to be if you can take advantage of your local dollar stores. We are fortunate in our area to have multiple dollar stores, some of which actually have items for $1.00. We go…

Storing Emergency Supplies In Your Home

Food pantry for long-term food storage

Some people use the excuse of not having room for storing supplies for ignoring the need to prepare. Look around your home and you will find plenty of places for storing supplies. This article will point out some great ideas and help you get over any fears of not having enough room.

My NRA Hat Stopped a Robbery

NRA hat stopped a robbery

I never drew my weapon or even made a threatening move. The thief saw that I was wearing an NRA hat and correctly assumed that there were easier prey. He quickly moved on and I was grateful. No one was hurt and we were not robbed. My NRA truly saved a life that night.

Survivor or Potential Casualty

Are you a survivor or a potential casualty? A true survivor will continue no matter what the odds. He will not look at what he hasn’t got and despair, he will look at what he has got and work with it. It is…

Countdown to a Disaster

What To Do When You Know A Disaster Is Coming If you have to live through a disaster or emergency the best possible scenario is when you know it is coming.  For us, hurricanes come to mind but other storms are also somewhat…

What Is The Prepping Lifestyle?

Are You Already Prepping? I am willing to bet real money that you’re already prepping and do not realize it.  Let’s see if you pass the test. When you go to the grocery store do you buy more than you need for just…

Balance Is The Key To Being Self-Reliant

What Is Being Self-Reliant? I have asked a few of my friends recently this very question and have gotten some interesting answers.  They all were close to what I expected but none got it exactly like I wanted.  In my mind to be…

3 Degrees of Food Prep

Let’s say you are planning what to eat tonight for your family.  You know the food your family likes and dislikes.  Once you decide what to eat for tonight’s meal what is your next move? Do you get in the car and go…