The Length of the Disaster Will Dictate the Need for SafetLooters and gangsy

The longer the disaster the more preparation you will need regarding safety.  A 72 hour disaster such as a hurricane will not need create as much need for safety as a full grid down WROL situation that last for months or years.  In the case of a WROL situation you may not be able to provide enough safety no matter how much you prepare.

After Hurricane Katrina that hit the gulf coast in 2014 the police left their posts after a couple of weeks to be with their own families.  This left many people unprotected from criminals that were roaming the streets like packs of wild animals.

In a full grid down situation without rule of law (WROL) you will be responsible for your own safety and that of your family.  How you plan now will make a difference when the need arises.

What Options Do You Have?

Wasp spray for safetyLet’s face it.  There are people who just don’t want to be around guns.  For those people there are options for protection, even lethal options.  Here are some non-lethal options for you to consider:

  • Pepper spray
  • Wasp/Hornet spray
  • Tazer
  • Snares/traps
  • Martial arts

Here are some lethal methods of defense other than firearms:

  • Knives
  • Bow/arrow
  • Crossbow
  • Snares/traps

Other Defense Options

Short range defense options

Mid range defense options

Long range defense options

How Much is Enough?

Boys and their toys.  The only difference between boys and men is the price of their toys.

If you are going to invest in safety for you and your family there is certainly a limit to the amount of money you want to allocate to this aspect of planning.  We think of each part of our safety plan in specific terms of how we intend to use them.  You will need a balance of safety devices, each with their own purpose.  No matter which direction you go regarding safety devices you must look at each as a tool with a specific purpose.

It is so easy to get carried away with guns and ammo.  Be smart with your purposes and only buy what is needed.

Reloading and Building Ammunition and Weapons

Our society has almost forgotten that not that long ago we built our own weapons and ammunition.  I am pleased to say that these almost lost skills have made a strong comeback.  People are now discovering that they can actually build their own firearms and ammunition to go in them.  This can be done legally and without interference from government regulations and oversight.

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