Long range defenseHow Far is Long Range Defense?

This is line of sight (as far as you can see) down to 100 yards out. Depending on your terrain this could be a very long distance.  Providing defense at these distances will require skill and practice.

Be careful using weapons that can reach out this far as the likelihood that you will miss the target is great. On top of that, if you shoot someone from this distance you must consider these facts:

  • Shooting someone from this distance you will have a very hard time proving that they actually posed a threat to you and your family. When rule of law returns you must be ready to answer for the shooting.
  • Firing a rifle will give away your position. This will invite others to converge on your position and they will already know that you have a gun so they will be ready for you.
  • Firing a gun from this distance requires a high level of proficiency to do any good. Are you ready to put in the time and practice to be able to hit a target from this distance.

Multiple Lethal Options Available

Hunting rifle for defenseA large variety of hunting rifles and multiple calibers are available for long range defense.  You should consider the terrain in your area when selecting one of these rifles.  A rifle for an urban terrain may be very different from one to be used in the open areas of the western US.  These may be different from a rifle selected for use in the woods of the southern US.

You should also consider the amount of kick you can stand in a rifle.  Larger caliber rifles have advantages of going through walls in an urban terrain or shooting long distances in open terrain.  Mid size calibers don’t kick as much but may not have the ballistics you need for the brushy terrain of the woods.

If you are not comfortable selecting your main rifle for defense there are several good videos on YouTube that may help or go to your local gun store and someone there will certainly be able to assist.

Non-lethal Options

Non-lethal forms of defense are not effective at this distance.  There is simply no pepper spray that will reach these distances.  You are going to need lethal forms of defense if you are going to take action.

Your best option may be to evade and avoid contact.  Hide.  Don’t present yourself to be a target for curiosity.  Concealment in this case could be the thing that saves your life.

What are your thoughts?  Do you know of a non-lethal defense method for these distances?