How Far is Mid Range Defense

Mid range defenseFor our purposes here we define mid range as 25 – 100 yards.  Some will argue that this is really close range but you have to remember that we are talking about non-military individuals on this site.  They will need a rifle to make the shot at this distance and no non-lethal methods of defense reach out this far.

Mid range defenseThere are several options for calibers and weapons to use at these distances.  Iron sights or scopes can be used and you can select from various shotguns or rifles.  Pick what you are comfortable and hit with.  There is no good selecting a weapon that you cannot accurately shoot.

Selecting the Right Tool for You

This is a very personal choice that comes down to comfort, cost and accuracy.  You are going to have to shoot various guns to find what works for you.

Pros and Cons of Shotguns

  • Shotguns are less expensive to own and shoot.
  • Some people are more comfortable with a shotgun.
  • You can use a shotgun for hunting a wider variety of game than a rifle.
  • Shotguns have greater effectiveness at closer ranges but lack accuracy beyond 50 yards.
  • Shotguns do have more kick in the larger gauges.

Pro and Cons of Rifles

Rifles have more stopping power at longer rangesMid range defense

  • Rifles can be used very effectively at shorter ranges so they cover both short and longer ranges
  • Smaller caliber rifles have less kick than shotguns
  • The most popular gun in the US is the AR-15 style of rifle.
  • Rifles do cost more to own and shoot compared to a shotgun

What if You Don’t Want a Gun?

Are there options for defense in the 25 – 100 yard range that are not a firearm?

  • Mid range defenseBow and arrow.  Deadly in the right hands a bow and arrow is a great option if you do not want a firearm.  Completely reloadable and quiet.  Can be very accurate at 25 – 50 yards
  • Crossbow.  Scary and deadly accurate 25 – 75 yards out.  Shoots at very high speeds and very deadly.  Crossbows come with scopes that greatly increase accuracy.  A very scary and deadly option for anyone who does not want a firearm.

Another option to think about is a pellet rifle.  It is lethal to small game such as birds and rabbits but not as lethal to humans and big game.  Yes, you can find videos of hunters shooting wild game with a pellet rifle but those are extremely accurate shots that a lot of people just cannot do.

Pellet rifles are accurate from 10 – 50 yards but not beyond that.  If you cannot own a firearm where you live a pellet rifle may be a good option.

What do you think?  What other mid range defense options can you think of?