When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Types of Emergencies – Floods

Flooding emergency

Historically, floods have killed more people than any other type of disaster. One moment everything is fine. The next you can find yourself swimming for your life. You must include flood preparation in your plans. This could mean food and water supplies to wait out the inconvenience of street flooding or a bridge being out or full evacuation plans to escape rising flood waters coming into your home.

Temporary Shelters After a Disaster

Your Home IS Your Best Shelter Let’s assume that you have a home or apartment to stay in during and after the disaster. Under the best conditions you have electricity, air conditioning and when it rains you stay dry. During a disaster or…

What If You Have to Go to an Emergency Shelter?

Government Shelters Are Your Last Resort I look at an emergency shelter as a defeat of this plan and an absolute last resort. But the fact remains that you might have to fall back to one of these shelters if all else fails.…

Reloading Ammunition

Reloading ammunition

Reloading a Cartridge Now that you have cleaned and returned the cases to original manufacturer specifications you are ready to build cartridges. The following steps go much faster than case prep. If you use a single stage press you will accomplish each of…

De-prime and Reshape Cases

clean cases for reloading

Reshaping the Brass Cases and Removing the Old Primer The steps of de-priming and reshaping cases are done by a single die.  When the cartridge is fired the brass expands to fill the firing chamber of the gun.  It must be returned to…

Case Prep Using the Frankford Arsenal Case Trim & Prep Center

Frankford arsenal case prep center

Case Prep is Essential for Quality Reloading Case prep is more than just cleaning brass.  It actually is an essential part of the reloading process.  True case prep will bring the brass back to manufacturer’s specifications and provide a stable platform to build…

Survivor or Potential Casualty

Are you a survivor or a potential casualty? A true survivor will continue no matter what the odds. He will not look at what he hasn’t got and despair, he will look at what he has got and work with it. It is…

Countdown to a Disaster

What To Do When You Know A Disaster Is Coming If you have to live through a disaster or emergency the best possible scenario is when you know it is coming.  For us, hurricanes come to mind but other storms are also somewhat…

Clean Cases Are Essential For Reloading

Clean brass cases

  Never Reload Dirty Cases Clean cases are critical to your finished product. Cleaning, inspecting, resizing and preparing the brass to receive a new primer, measured powder, a new bullet and crimp are where I spend the most time during the entire reloading…