What To Do When You Know A Disaster Is Coming

If you have to live through a disaster or emergency the best possible scenario is when you know it is coming.  For us, hurricanes come to mind but other storms are also somewhat predictable.  You may have other situations where you know something is about to happen that fives you a few days notice.

If you know that a disaster is coming and have time to do final preparations here are some things to check off before the disaster happens:

3 Days out

  • Fill all vehicle’s gas tanks.
  • Check fluids in radiator and other essentials.
  • Check air pressure in tires INCLUDING the spare tire.
  • Confirm water storage.
  • Refill all propane tanks and possibly buy one more.
  • Check medicine supplies, especially routine medications that might need refills.
  • Check medical supplies such as bandages and such. Make a run to the store if necessary to fill any gaps in supplies.
  • Use your cell phone to take pictures and videos of your home and belongings.
  • Confirm location of important papers and photos.
  • Upload to a cloud backup drive all digital data including copies of important papers and photos.
  • Be very aware of situation by listening to local news.
  • Remember. You will probably be one of the few who is prepared. There will be mass panic among shoppers. Be ready to assist others after the disaster but also to defend you and your family.

2 Days out

  • Communicate intentions to relatives about your plans.
  • If there is a danger of flooding move supplies to a higher location within the house.
  • Review evacuation plan with household members INCLUDING your pre-arranged meeting places outside the home to gather if your home is destroyed.
  • Pack emergency bug out items into vehicles. These are NOT your main items.
  • Stay home. Do not venture out unless absolutely necessary.
  • Be aware of the situation by listening to local news.
  • Local news will also be focusing on panicked people. This will fuel additional panic.

1 Day out

  • Stay home. Do not venture out.
  • Check your water supply and top off the tanks, bottles and bathtubs.
  • If this is a wind event secure any outdoor furniture to prevent them from blowing through windows.
  • Confirm that windows are locked and secure. Close blinds and shutters to help protect you and your family from flying glass.
  • Be aware of the situation by listening to local news.
  • Review the evacuation plan with household members.
  • Communicate evacuation intentions to relatives.
  • By this point people have made their plans for the disaster. Some are ready for a short event, while others are planning on the government taking care of them. These are the ones I worry about as they will be the first to turn criminal or violent. Be prepared to protect you and your family.
  • Confirm locations of your firearms and ammunition. Be sure that you are carrying concealed. Even if you do not have a permit you are allowed to carry within your home.

Day of disaster

  • Stay home. The roads will be filled with danger and idiots.
  • Ride out the disaster using the plan you have been working on that is unique to your family and situation. Your plan will work.
  • Communicate with your relatives about your situation and condition.

After the disaster

  • Assess any damage to your family and property. Make any emergency repairs necessary on your property before venturing out to assist others.
  • Be very aware of infections. Small cuts can bring about some very deadly consequences.
  • If your home is not habitable then break out the tents and build yourself a tent city for your family.
  • Use your “Meals in a Jar” to properly feed your family.
  • Communicate with your relatives about your condition.
  • Assist your neighbors as necessary. They will not be as prepared as you.
  • As soon as possible help the community return to a Rule of Law (ROL) situation.

Print this list and refer to it often leading up to the disaster.  Check off or line through items as you complete them.

You should also add to the list for your own personal needs not listed here.  This is designed to be a guide and a lead for you.  Please add to it for your family’s needs and the disaster looming.