When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Recognize the Types of Emergencies and Make Your Plans

Understanding the types of emergencies  you may face will help you prepare much better.  This site focuses on more “mainstream” disasters rather than some more exotic or political.  We are not avoiding them but we offer that focusing on the mainstream disasters first will allow for an easy transistion to the more exotic for those who want to go there.  Do the basics first.

We will look at weather related, social and economic disasters.  All of these are not within our control.  Yet, we must be ready to adapt and overcome all of these.  Even though we are not in control of the cause of the emergency we can be in control of how we prepare and respond.

Your preparations for each emergency may overlap.  That will help reduce the number of steps you must prepare and help keep costs and effort to a minimum.

Types of Emergencies – Floods

Flooding emergency

Historically, floods have killed more people than any other type of disaster. One moment everything is fine. The next you can find yourself swimming for your life. You must include flood preparation in your plans. This could mean food and water supplies to wait out the inconvenience of street flooding or a bridge being out or full evacuation plans to escape rising flood waters coming into your home.

Types of Emergencies – Unemployment

Unemployment is the most common type of disaster for any individual or family to endure. It most often comes as a surprise and does catch most people unprepared.

This article will get you thinking about your plans for this disaster and what you can do now to lessen the blow when it comes..and it will come.

Types of Emergencies – Acts of Terrorism

Terrorism is a Daily Reality We live within 90 miles of each of these: A nuclear reactor. Entertainment complexes where hundreds of thousands of people gather daily. NASA and Kennedy Space Center Tampa, McDill AFB, the headquarters for the US war on terror.…

Types of Emergencies – Marshall Law

What to Expect During Marshall Law A state of Marshall Law or where the government tosses out or totally ignores the Constitution of the United States and denies citizens of their rights. This could also mean the enforcement of Presidential Executive Orders that…

Types of Emergencies – Local Unrest or Riots

Riots Can Come On Quickly Think back to the riots and local unrest in Ferguson, MO in 2014. People were upset over the shooting of a black man for assaulting a police officer. The officer was cleared of any wrong doing but the…

Types of Emergencies – Hurricanes or Weather Related

Hurricanes and storm surge. Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast

The majority of damage done by hurricanes is not wind. It is water. Tidal surges cause the most death and destruction in hurricanes. We live inland where cities do not get the tidal surges.  However, significant rain events will cause localized flooding.  Heavy…