Unemployment is the Most Common Disaster.

Your fault.  Their fault.  Nobody’s fault.  Fault really does not matter when the money stops coming in.  Of all the disasters you can think of unemployment is the most real, very devasting and yet can be the one that you can most easily prepare for.

Everyone at some point is going to be unemployed.  It is only a matter of when it is going to happen, not IF it will happen.  You should plan for it rather than wait for unemployment to happen.

Cutting the Fat

Two things you can plan for are that the bills will keep coming and you have got to eat.  Cover these basics and you can get through almost any unemployment period.  Sounds simple, but it can be a challenge.

Start by adding up the minimum amount for your monthly bills.  Home, utilities, transportation and health insurance.  Do not include things such as cable and the frills of normal living.  Unemployment is not normal and life during this time should not be normal.

Keep your health insurance as unemployment causes stress.  Stress will cause illnesses and you do not need to add to your debt with massive medical bills.

Cut extra expenses that are not needed.

One thing to keep is your Internet service and phone.  You will need these to look for a job and to apply for unemployment benefits.

Eating Right

Food storage is something every family can do that pays big dividends during any disaster.  Put back foods that your family likes and not just emergency supplies.  Stock up when you do your normal grocery shopping and buy a little extra for the pantry.  BOGO deals are some of our favorites.  Buy one to use and the other to put back.  Soon, you will have a good supply of meals that you know your family will love to eat.

Learn to can your own food.  Canning has made a huge comeback in recent years and has become very popular.  This site and many others teach and preach this concept as part of your everyday life.  We will pressure can fresh vegetables, meats and entire meals.  We will use some for our everyday meals and put the rest back for our emergency storage.

Grow you own vegetables, even if you are in an apartment.  Window gardens and herb gardens are very popular and can be a part of any household.  Growing your own food is like printing money.

What About Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefitHave you ever tried to get unemployment benefits?  The government has made obtaining these benefits a real struggle and almost not worth the effort.  A few years ago I found myself unemployed.  The very next day I began the process of obtaining unemployment benefits and quickly grew frustrated with the process.  I became even more frustrated when I found out how much I was going to get!

I remember my expected benefits were going to be a whopping $250 per week.  That wasn’t even equal to minimum wage!  I went from a $2,000/week job to $250/week.  This taught me an extremely valuable lesson.  Get prepared.

Length of the Disaster

My unemployment disaster couldn’t be over fast enough!  I never got my first benefit check.  I formed my own company and never looked back.

However, you should plan for at least 1 month and have a goal of putting back a year’s worth of cash and food for this emergency.  This disaster is going to happen.  How much better would you and your family be having your basic needs taken care of?