Wearing My NRA Hat Stopped a Robbery

Jerry D WilsonLet me start by saying that this is a true account of a trip to the local mall with my wife.  Since this was during a holiday the parking lot was full so we were forced to park in a remote area of the parking lot.  The time was about dusk and we really did not think that we would be long.

A short trip to the mall turned into more of a shopping trip than either of us planned.  The Apple Store took longer than we thought and we had dinner before leaving.

The Parking Lot is Now Dark

The time slipped away and we are now walking to our truck with our shopping bags in our hands.  The truck was parked in a dark area of the parking lot, away from any good lighting.

There was a man walking further away from us.  He was walking between cars and not really heading into or away from the mall.  This activity caught my eye and I immediately went into defensive mode.

He spied us walking his way and began walking toward us.  I sped up a bit, unlocked the truck, put my wife and the bags into the truck, locked the doors and turned to see the man standing at the back of my truck.

Our eyes met.  He looked directly at me, he then glanced up and saw my NRA hat.  He turned and headed away from the mall at a fast pace.

Avoid Confrontation

There is no doubt in my mind that we were about to have a confrontation.  Most likely this was going to be a robbery attempt.  Say what you will.  Think what you want.  Had this gone another step, had he drawn a weapon, had this situation escalated, this gentleman would have died that night.

As it turned out, he thought better about the situation and walked away.  He looked at my NRA hat and correctly assumed that I was armed, properly trained and comfortable with my weapon.  He assumed correctly that there were easier targets to be had and walked away.

I never said a word to him.  We never exchanged anything but a look.  I never drew my weapon or made a threatening motion.  What I did was totally legal where I live.  I stood my ground, I faced down the threat and I lived to tell the story.

Being Prepared is No Accident

When I go out with my NRA hat on I get a lot of stares, glares and even some comments.  Most of the comments are positive.  The overwhelming truth is, people see my hat know where I stand regarding the 2nd Amendment and personal protection.  I am not an easy target.  I was accurately seen as someone who is willing to protect myself and my family with deadly force.  Obviously, not something the thief wanted to confront.

I much rather stop a confrontation with a hat rather than a weapon.  Being prepared for me is dressing the part.

Do you present yourself as an easy target?  Are your hands full of bags while you walk to your remote car in a dark parking lot?  Know your surroundings.  Prepare for a confrontation even if nothing happens.  Stay alert and stay alive.