When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Hurricane Preparedness For Seniors Presents Unique Obstacles

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Presents Unique Challenges for Seniors Tropical storms and hurricanes are unique amongst natural disasters in that there is generally days or even week’s notice that a storm is coming. No other natural disaster actually has a “season” with a start and…

Plan Entertainment For Emergencies

Entertainment ideas

Most preppers ignore the need for entertainment during and after an emergency or disaster. They are so focued on safety, food and shelter that they oft forget about what they are going at night to keep their sanity. This is especially true with children and young adults who have come to rely on modern luxuries for entertainment. This article addresses these concerns and provides some possible options.

Countdown to a Disaster

What To Do When You Know A Disaster Is Coming If you have to live through a disaster or emergency the best possible scenario is when you know it is coming.  For us, hurricanes come to mind but other storms are also somewhat…

Special Problems – Senior Living

Planning For Your Older Years Any survival plan must take into account the health of the people the plan is expected to help. In our case we are on the back half of life and cannot be expected to have the same stamina…

Special Problems – Wildlife Predators


Household Pets Become Predators The threat of pets becoming predators will appear if the disaster becomes extended or a complete WROL situation.  Sad as this is, you still must prepare for this scenario. When people must choose between feeding their animals and feeding…

Special Problem – Displaced Families and Individuals

Emergency shelters

Displaced Families Are a Real Problem to Plan For We live in the tourism capital of the world.  Central Florida is the vacation capital of the world, On any given day there are in excess of 500,000 people living in hotel rooms, resorts…

Special Problem – Sanitation

Sanitation, garbage and human waste

Sanitation Will Quickly Become a Major Issue Sanitation is something that is taken for granted. You put the garbage to the curb twice a week when you leave for work. Magically, during the day it disappears. During a disaster this will not happen.…

Special Problem – Hunting and Fishing for Food

Hunting for food

Hunting and Fishing May Not be an Option When I traveled to assist with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina I expected to have issues with insects. I expected mosquitoes, flies and roaches to be crawling from under piles of debris. What I found…

Special Problem – Gangs

Gangs and violence

What Are Gangs Gangs are organized groups that are well armed and dangerous now. They will only become more dangerous and aggressive in a disaster situation. They will no doubt use their force and numbers to overwhelm unarmed and unprepared citizens. Even well…

Special Problem – Money, Barter and Finances

Money Barter Finances

We are so accustomed to whipping out our plastic cards to pay for everything most people do not carry much money since the rise of credit cards for crypto you can find if you visit Skrumble. Think about how much you have on…