Gangs and violenceWhat Are Gangs

Gangs are organized groups that are well armed and dangerous now. They will only become more dangerous and aggressive in a disaster situation. They will no doubt use their force and numbers to overwhelm unarmed and unprepared citizens. Even well armed citizens will have serious problems when confronted by these groups. Serious weaponry and tactics these gangs will be necessary to defeat or drive them away.

The uninformed masses don’t realize how prevalent gangs are and how close they live.  Even cities with a relatively small population have some level of gang activity.  Using today’s communication technology even these small town gangs are well connected like a large spider web.

Do not underestimate the power and reach of gangs.

How to Plan for Gangs

The best that could be hoped for is that a well defended and well prepared individual will put enough fear into these groups that they go elsewhere looking for easier targets. However, they may return if they sense that their numbers and firepower are superior or if the risk is worth the reward of taking what you have.

What will make this danger even worse is the fact that police will leave their posts to go home and take care of their own families. This happened in New Orleans within 2 weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit. Without regular police patrols gangs will take full advantage of the WROL situation.

There will be no negotiations with these groups.  They will see this attempt as a sign of weakness and take everything you have, including your life.  Only through a show of force will gangs show you respect.  They understand fear.  Fear for their own life is all the respect.

The plan here is to arm yourself if you want to live.  This is probably going to be your only chance.  Going unarmed is only inviting problems.  For many, this is not what you want to hear.  However, the facts of the situation demand a strong show of force.

This is a Most Dangerous Situation

Maybe you have a better idea but I only see a violent end to this problem.  I see gangs coming into a neighborhood or community looking to dominate with fear and taking whatever they want.  I only see violence as the means to stop this from happening.

Do you lay low?  Do you camouflage your home?  That is, do you make your home look like it has already been robbed so the gangs pass you by?

Do you shoot first?  That is a decision that I hope I never have to make.

What are your thoughts and how do you plan to handle gangs in a WROL situation?