Household Pets Become Predators

PredatorThe threat of pets becoming predators will appear if the disaster becomes extended or a complete WROL situation.  Sad as this is, you still must prepare for this scenario.

When people must choose between feeding their animals and feeding their children the animals will be eaten or turned out. Too often when people evacuate they cannot locate all of their pets and leave without them.  By their own nature these animals will band together in packs and become a hunter pack. In some cases these animals will be a competitor for the same food source or become a predator looking at humans as a food source. Fluffy and Fido will quickly become a vicious and aggressive hunter that will take many by surprise. Especially the young who remember how affectionate these pets once were.

Natural Predators

PredatorsThen there are the true predators of the wild to contend with. As their natural food source dwindles the bears, wolves, panthers and other creatures of the wild will look at humans as food. They will leave their wilderness and begin to explore and hunt in our neighborhoods.

Whenever bodies of water in Florida are encountered you must always assume that alligators and poisonous snakes are around. During times of hurricanes and flooding alligators are also known to come into pools and yards looking for food. Caution is always advised.

Florida also has a growing population of bears and panthers. These predators are often a deadly problem during good times.  These predators are a threat during the best of times.  We live near the outskirts of a major population center have to constantly be aware of the danger of bears whenever you venture out at night.  During a major disaster they will become even more aggressive and dangerous.

Planning For This Difficult Scenario

Each area, state and region have their own set of wildlife and predators that must be accounted for. No survival plan will be complete without taking your area’s wildlife into account.

My first thought is to plan for meals that do not require you to interact with these predators.  Avoiding trouble may be the best option.  Prepare your meals now in the safety of your home and then you will not have to venture out when the predators are hungry and looking for food.

Next, you should plan on the safety of you and yours.  Venturing outside during a disaster exposes you to hungry predators who see you as a food source.  Defense options are required to face this type of threat.  You will not be able to talk your way out of this type of confrontation.  Lethal options need to be available to you for defense.

Finally, decrease the problem of predators coming around by not providing a food source.  Your trash will attract these predators.  Be smart with your disposal of all types of waste to decrease the chance of a confrontation.


What are your thoughts?  Have you thought of this scenario before?  How will you plan for this problem?