Riots Can Come On Quickly

Think back to the riots and local unrest in Ferguson, MO in 2014. People were upset over the shooting of a black man for assaulting a police officer. The officer was cleared of any wrong doing but the black community rioted, burned and looted stores.

People in Ferguson and nearby towns were effected by this event.  Threats by rioters, threats by police, lack of supplies and overall interference in daily life.  Stores quickly ran low on food and other supplies.  Resupply was simply not possible.   Safety and peace had to be restored first.

The problem did not immediately go away. It continued for weeks and months as unrest in the community continued with protesters blocking entrance to stores and causing problems for the civilian population.  The people hurt by this were those who were not ready to live weeks or months without services, food and supplies.

Plan to Stay Home During This Emergency

This plan will take into consideration short-term food supply, individual safety and property protection.

Baltimore Race RiotsUnlike most weather disasters local unrest or riots may come quickly, possibly as quick as within hours of the trigger event.  This type of disaster causes just as  much damage as a weather related event.

Looting, burning, shootings and all manner of crime follow this type of disaster. A general state of terror will exist for most of the people in the affected area.

The longer the event happens the more unrest there will be. Marshall Law is a real possibility and curfews are a definite.  I see this type of emergency turning deadly the longer it lasts.

A sense of real danger will prevail and this will feed the unruly to continue their activities to drive home their point. For the rioters, terror is a weapon to make their point along with the crimes they are committing.  For those fearing for their life defense will be a priority.

How To Plan For Riots

The area of rioting is localized and not regional. Riots are limited in scope and size and focused on a specific area. However, it could very well be mobile and transition to various parts of the city. It is quite possible that it be a good distance away but still have affect upon our area.  London RiotsAnother real danger is that it happens in an area that blocks, prevents or hinders our ability to return home.  Prepare for an overnight stay away from home.  Preparing a “get home bag” is a great idea to keep in your vehicle or at your office.

The following is a link to a video that explains the danger of this type of unrest and how emergency services will not be available to help.

During this emergency you must stay home for your safety.  Venturing out to ‘see what is happening’ is asking for trouble.  Only venture away from home in extreme cases.  Marshall Law may dictate your travels.  Stay home as much as possible.

Length of Disaster

Based upon recent events the length of the disaster will be relatively short, lasting only days and weeks. The destruction seems to happen at night with the days saved for bragging to the media, which only fuels the coals of the fire for the upcoming night.

In Ferguson, MO it was thought that the rioters went to work/school during the day and gathered at dark to begin their night of burning, looting and crime.

Nutnfancy YouTube channelFor this disaster we should plan on several days of unrest, riots and police activity. Watch this NUTNFANCY video to gain a better understanding.