Marshall Law should be a real concern

What to Expect During Marshall Law

A state of Marshall Law or where the government tosses out or totally ignores the Constitution of the United States and denies citizens of their rights. This could also mean the enforcement of Presidential Executive Orders that already exist where personal property is nationalized and put under the control of the government.

In the case of PEOs being enforced this could mean confiscation of:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Weapons (Not just firearms)
  • Vehicles
  • Gasoline

The plan will attempt to cover these threats but this will be very difficult times to overcome.
I must admit, this is the one that has me the most worried. How do you fight armed police, government agents or the military when they come knocking on your door? There is simply no way to win that fight. So how do you plan for this disaster?

Do Not Rely on the Government

In the weeks after Hurricane Katrina the government ordered the confiscation of all weapons from the citizens. Police and military carried out these illegal orders and disarmed private citizens.
There are already signed Presidential Executive Orders that could be put into action that allow the government to confiscate your food, water and supplies. They would then control who received your supplies and how much they were to receive.

It is also possible for the government to take you by force to relocation camps and kept there without your consent.
No matter how much you prepare for this disaster, there is no way to win a fight like this. It is like fighting in a video game. The game always produces more bad guys than you can shoot. There is no way to win.
The only real hope is that there are enough good guys to band together to give us a chance. The Oath Keepers is an example of police, government agents and military that will uphold and defend the Constitution and not enforce illegal orders to disarm citizens and take our supplies.

How To Plan For Marshall Law?

The good news is, this disaster should not sneak up on us. With the conservative media (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others) watching over the government we should not be totally surprised if this disaster ever occurs.

Possible triggers could be:

  • Economic crisis used as an excuse
  • Terrorism or terror attack used as excuse
  • Free elections declared invalid
  • Secession of states from the Union
  • Dissolution of the Union by Presidential Executive Order
  • United Nations interference

Troops brought in to enforce Marshall LawUnlike other disasters mentioned this one is vastly different in that it may require lethal force to overcome and survive. Standing for our freedoms may be necessary. Banding together with other likeminded people or groups is a real possibility. Communities will be formed to allow for better defense and sharing of resources.

The negative of the formation of groups and communities is that this makes it easier for the government to cut services such as power, garbage and police protection. This will also allow government to place a blockage around the community not allowing passage in/out for supplies, food and additional support personnel. Medical emergencies must be treated within the community. Travel by emergency services is not possible.  To say that the community would be “on an island” is a very literal statement,

Length of Disaster

This one is going to be a long one. Possibly years.  This lengthy disaster will catch many people without supplies.  Communities will quickly disintegrate into situations that turn deadly.

Traveling home from work will be a challenge for many.  They may only be a few miles from home but they might as well be hundreds of miles.  Getting home will be difficult.

The disruption to normal life will be permanent. Businesses will close but will still generate pay stubs for employees.  Plan for the supply chain to be disrupted.  It will be impossible to maintain or replenish supplies.

The solution must be adjusted to accommodate a very long recovery time without income as our current jobs will not exist.

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