medical prepIs there a special medical need that must be addressed? Diabetes? Blood pressure? Other condition that requires regular medical attention? During a disaster situation emergency and medical services will be overwhelmed and probably not able to get to you. If you can get to them they may not have what is needed to treat you properly. In a disaster situation people with medical needs that require regular treatment will die. I am not being mean. I am basing this on historical facts of previous disasters. People die in disasters. The longer the disaster the more people that will linger and die from previously treatable illnesses. Watch this video from THE PATRIOT NURSE to gain a better understanding of who will die first in a disaster.

What Can You Do To Plan For Medical Emergencies?

Look for other ways to treat these conditions other than with medical answers.

  1. If you have high blood pressure lose weight now. Get in shape by walking. Strengthen your body to the point where high blood pressure is not such a factor or eliminate it all together.
  2. If you are diabetic reduce or eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. This will reduce or eliminate the need for insulin and oral medication. The side effect of this will be a drop in weight.
  3. Look for herbal or vitamin cures for your condition.
    1. Cinnamon helps insulin work in your body.
    2. Aspirin besides being a mild pain reliever is a blood thinner.
    3. Niacin helps keep arteries clear and reduces fats in your blood.
    4. Biotin helps carbohydrate absorption.
    5. The Aloe plant has healing properties unmatched in nature.
    6. Everyone knows that Vitamin C is a great cold preventer.
    7. Everyone knows that Calcium helps bones be stronger.
    8. Fish oil helps with triglycerides and cholesterol.

Finding a book on Native American or natural remedies would be a wise investment.

This plan will address medical supplies and where to obtain them. You will need to build these over time and store them in a place that is easily accessible and easy to find. A well marked container with a large label (Red Cross symbol) is preferable.