Case Prep is Essential for Quality Reloading

Case prep is more than just cleaning brass.  It actually is an essential part of the reloading process.  True case prep will bring the brass back to manufacturer’s specifications and provide a stable platform to build quality ammunition.

There are several steps needed to properly prepare brass for reloading.  They are:

  1. Trim the brass to the safe length to reload
  2. Remove burrs from the neck and reshape the neck to receive the new bullet
  3. Clean the primer pocket
  4. Remove the crimp from military brass (Not needed if not reloading military brass)
  5. Uniform the primer pocket

When I first started reloading I did these steps manually.  They required hours of your time to complete.  After using these methods I have opted to use the Frankford Arsenal Case Trim & Prep Center.

Preparing Cases Is Easy With The Frankfort Arsenal Case Prep Center

Watch this video to see how easy these steps can be by using the Frankford Arsenal Case Trim & Prep Center.