How Far is Short Range Defense

Short range is anything under 25 yards.  This does include hand-to-hand.  Short range defense is the worst possible scenario as it is close and personal.  You will see your foe, be able to talk to the enemy and this will be the worst type of battle.

Many of the options you have for defense will be lethal.  However, this close distance also brings into play several non-lethal options.  Some of these options are very effective and should be your first line of defense.

Selecting the Short Range Right Option for You

Wasp spray for safetyAt this distance you do have some very excellent non-lethal options.  Here are a few:

  • Hand-to-hand – Good ole fighting.  This could also be marshall arts.  Selecting this option means you will have to be good at disarming an opponent who may have chosen lethal force.
  • Taser – The electric stun gun that operates with just a small battery.  The effective range is very limited.  Displaying this weapon will give most enemies notice to move on to another target.
  • Pepper Spray – Good out to about 10 yards.  This weapon is very effective at disabling an enemy.  Never use it into a breeze or you will be disabled as well.  There are manufacturers that have pepper spray systems that fit into a holder that aims and shoots much like a pistol.
  • Hornet Spray – Much like pepper spray except much more painful and it won’t wash off.  Pepper spray will wash out of the eyes.  Hornet spray won’t.  The pain is just as intense but lasts much longer.  Where in some states you need a concealed weapons permit to carry pepper spray.  Hornet spray is not considered to be a weapon.

Special Considerations for Lethal Options

When considering lethal options for any type of defense you must think seriously about their use.  Are you truly ready to use deadly force to defend you and your family?  The worst thing you can do when defending yourself is to present your weapon, hesitate and have your weapon taken away and used on you.  When selecting a lethal defense option you must be willing to use it or risk having it used on yourself.

Lethal Defense Options

Here are some lethal options to consider for short range defense:

  • Knife – One of the oldest and still most effective defensive weapons.  There are a wide variety of sizes, styles and manufacturers to select from.  There is no limit to choices.  You will need to find something that fits your hands and your carry method.  Depending on the size and carry method you may need a concealed weapons permit to have this with you at all times.
  • Pistol for defensePistol – Select wisely.  Listen to others who know more about this type of weapon.  Shoot different calibers to find one that suits your ability to manage recoil.  Watch video reviews to find the type and size of pistol you desire.  When you have narrow your search go to a trusted store in your area and handle the weapon to get a true feel.  Shoot your final choice to make sure before you buy.  Once all this is done be sure and select the carry holster that you are comfortable with.  Never carry your weapon without the proper permits for your area.
  • Shotgun – Use the same selection process as a pistol.  You will not need a carry holster but all other selection criteria hold true.  A shotgun is probably the most intimidating short range weapon you can have.  It is also the most deadly.  At this short range the pellets coming out of the gun will not have time to spread.
  • Rifle – You must go through the same selection process as you do a pistol with the exception of selecting a concealed carry method.  A rifle can be used for short range defense.  It is not a good selection if you are less than 5 yards.  At this distance you would be better served with a pistol.

What options did I leave out?