Pellet Rifles Are Not Toys

Modern pellet rifleA pellet rifle is not a “Red Rider BB gun” for kids.  Modern pellet rifles are much more than a BB gun ever dreamt of being.  Accurate, deadly and completely legal.  I do not know of a state where they are not legal to own.  No license or permit needed.

You will find different models, calibers and power.  Some are a single shot pump action while others can be powered by compressed air stored in onboard tanks.

Perfect For Preppers

Anyone prepping truly must have a pellet rifle in their preps for safety and for hunting small game.  I feel so strongly about this I created a top 10 list to explain why it is imperative that you add a good pellet rifle to your preps.

Relatively quiet to use

Pellet rifleThere is no loud explosion when you fire the rifle.  Simply a piston that is pushed by compressed air that forces the pellet out of the rifle.  You will hear a spring and swoosh of air but nothing that sounds like a traditional firearm going off,

This gives you several advantages over a rifle.  You will not alert other game in your area that you are there,  Not spooking other game may mean additional shots at food sources.  You also will not alert other people that you are in the area.  Hearing a gun go off is a signal to others that you may have supplies or food that they could take from you.  In a great many situations, quiet is good.

You may also consider the dangers of hunting with a gun during a WROL situation.

Inexpensive to own and shoot

There are a wide variety of pellet rifles available for under $200.  My personal rifle can be bought for around $150 and is one of the best available.

The ammunition comes in tins of 400 – 500 pellets and is under $10.  This low cost of ownership allows me to have thousands of pellets in my prep supplies.  I have more pellets than I have rounds of ammunition for any other gun in my inventory.

Deadly accurate

My rifle came with a scope that I have sighted in for 25 yards.  The rifle is very accurate beyond this distance.  I am comfortable taking kill shots out to 50 yards.

Once sighted in practice and practice until you are comfortable with your own ability to consistently hit your target.

Lethal to small game

Hunting with a pellet rifleMy rifle shoots a .22 caliber hollow point hunting pellet at over 1,000 FPS.  It WILL kill small game the size of a coyote or less.  Birds, squirrels and rabbits absolutely are within the kill ability of a pellet rifle.

While others are hunting big game, you can focus on what is at hand.

Are there more squirrels than deer?  Of course there are.  Hunt game where you have a greater opportunity to bring home meat.

Low maintenance

Keep the action oiled and clean from debris.  That is about all there is to cleaning a pellet rifle.  Gunpowder is corrosive and must be cleaned or it will ruin a firearm.  Ever taken about a bolt carrier group in an AR style of rifle?  While it is relatively easy to do there is no need for this level of dismantling of a pellet rifle.

No gunpowder

Gunpowder is loud to shoot and corrosive to firearms.  Once fired, you cannot reuse gunpowder.  It is also not easy to manufacture.

A pellet rifle uses compressed air.  If you run out of air for your pellet rifle you have bigger problems to worry about,

Legal – Not classified as a gun

Even in countries that have outlawed guns you can own a pellet rifle.  They are considered to be a toy.  Let’s not tell them any different

Wide variety of pellets to chose from

pellet rifle pelletsMy rifle shoots a .22 caliber pellet.  There are other sizes of pellet rifle both smaller and larger that you can use.  There are also different styles of pellets available.  Select the pellet that works best for your rifle and they type of game you are going to hunt.  Just like with gunpowder powered ammunition, you can select the style and weight that best suits your needs.

A great gun to teach someone to shoot

A new shooter will love that there is little kick, no loud noise and it is fun to shoot.  You will love that it is inexpensive to own and shoot.  For about $6 you can buy a tin of 500 pellets that will give them hours of cheap fun learning to shoot.

You Must Include a Pellet Rifle in Your Preps

Modern pellet rifles are not toys.  They are quiet, deadly accurate and cheap to own and use.  As long as you keep the mechanisms clean and oiled your pellet rifle will serve you for many years to come.

While not the first choice for personal defense, it should be near the top of your list for weapons to use for small game and putting meat on your table during a WROL situation.