When the time to act is upon you the time to prepare is past.
When the time to act is now the time to prepare in past.

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Technology Makes Pressure Canning Safe and Easy

Power cooker

Technology has taken much of the fear and danger out of pressure canning. Using modern technology to replace the old style stovetop canners of the past makes pressure canning almost a set-and-forget procedure. No more wonder if the pressure is too high. The modern pressure canners moderate the pressure for you and the timer insures that you don’t overcook your food. Read this article to learn more about how modern technology has come to pressure canning.

Establish a “No Zone” For Your Protection

No zone

How close do you want danger to get to you and your family? How close do you want an intruder to get to you before you take action? To answer these questions means to establish a No Zone. This is a boundary that you establish that if crossed means you are going to take action to defend yourself.

Pressure Canning Hamburger Meat

It wasn’t that long ago that pressure canning was thought of only for jams, tomatoes and pickles. Modern canning technology has now expanded the foods you can pressure can to almost every type of food. This technology now allows you to pressure can meats to add to your long-term food storage. Read this article to learn how to add real flavor to your food storage.

Reloading and Building Your Own Ammunition an Important Part of Prepping

Reloading ammunition

For any serious prepper reloading ammunition is a key component of prepping. This is the most effective way of creating enough ammunition to supply their needs now and after WROL begins. Do not neglect this very important aspect of prepping.

AR-10 Build – 80% Lower Unboxing


Building weapons for defensive and hunting purposes is legal and probably a lot easier than you think. Having built various weapons for personal use I have come to look forward to each project. The first step in the process is acquiring the pieces to complete the weapon. Here, we look at unboxing the lower receiver for an AR-10 hunting rifle that I am building.

Building an AR-10 Hunting Rifle

Is It Legal To Build A Rifle? It is in most states.  It certainly is legal to build a rifle where I live.  We are not talking about a loophole in some law.  This is very legal in most states. I am paraphrasing here…

Pressure Canning Beef Stew

pressure canning beef stew

Bring Variety to Your Food Storage With Beef Stew Heat up your food storage with pressure canned beef stew.    Use modern pressure canning technology to make your own stews and soups. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing canned beef stew…

Pressure Canning Seasoned Pork Chunks

pressure canning pork chunks

Add Proteins to Your Food Storage Even during an emergency you should maintain a balanced diet.  Nutrition is especially important during times of stress and extra work loads.  Emergencies require more of our bodies and our diet should reflect that.  Pressure canning pork,…

Pressure Canning French Onion Soup

pressure canning french onion soup

Add Flavor to Your Food Storage With French Onion Soup Food storage for emergencies doesn’t have to be plain and bland.  Add variety to your meals in a jar with homemade French Onion Soup.  Use modern pressure canning technology to easily and safely…

Types of Emergencies – Floods

Flooding emergency

Historically, floods have killed more people than any other type of disaster. One moment everything is fine. The next you can find yourself swimming for your life. You must include flood preparation in your plans. This could mean food and water supplies to wait out the inconvenience of street flooding or a bridge being out or full evacuation plans to escape rising flood waters coming into your home.