Where is Your “No Zone”?

No zoneA “No Zone” is a defensive strategy within your home that places an imaginary boundary that cannot be crossed by an intruder without deadly force being applied.  Just that simple.  Think of it as a boundary or choke point where crossing into the area triggers deadly action.

Someone may break into your home and you may be in a different part of the house and not in immediate danger. You may wish to retreat to a safer portion of the house and not confront the intruder. Your choice.  In that case you must establish a “No Zone” where you will act if the intruder crosses into this area. For us, our bedrooms are upstairs. So we established our “No Zone” as the staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. If the intruder steps into this zone they will be met with deadly force.

Part of your defensive plan for your home must include a “No Zone”. This should be a part of the home where there is nothing for the intruder to hide behind or escape. It is truly a killing zone, a gauntlet where deadly force is applied with total effectiveness. You do not want the intruder to have a means of escape or defense.

Protecting Your Family is No Game

An intruder in your home is no game of hide and seek.  Go to you defensable position within your home and wait for the intruder to come to you.  The walls in your home provide concealment, not protection.  Do not engage the intruder in a run-and-gun sceneario.

Deadly force is serious and must be taken only in extreme conditions. Instead of stalking an intruder in the dark wouldn’t it be smarter to have the intruder come to you, into an area where there is no defense or escape, where you have the advantage? That is why you establish a “No Zone.’

It is always better for you to allow the intruder to come to you rather than going from room to room, even in your own home. You be the one setting the trap and let the intruder walk into your trap.

Your Boundary May be a Distance

Your zone may be a distance from you.  When the danger comes at you it may not be easy to retreat to your safe room.  You may have to engage the danger where you are.  Establish your “No zone” as a distance from your position.

This allows you to move about and still keep yourself at a safe distrance from danger.  Always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

When the line is crossed do not hesitate.  Take action.  Your life and the lives of your family depend upon it.