Not Your Parent’s Pressure Canning

Pressure canningI remember my mom pressure canning jellies and jams when I was a kid.  We would go as a family to pick blackberries and she would spend hours in the kitchen making jelly.  She used a stovetop pressure canner that scared the entire family. We all feared an explosion at any moment.  I can still hear that noise of the steam escaping from the jiggler on top of the canner.

The fear we had came from stories of explosions of stovetop canners that had not been used properly.  My grandmother had such an accident that damaged the ceiling after an explosion.  Not good memories and something that I certainly want to avoid.

Pressure Canning Still Viable For Longterm Food Storage

The use of pressure canning is a key portion of preserving food for long-term food storage.  This gives you the ability to preserve lots of different types of foods that can last 5 years or more.  These foods are ready to eat and fit in with our overall plans for meals in a jar and heat and eat meals.

Expanding beyond jelly we are now canning fresh vegetables of all types, fruits and even meats.  All these combine to create a complete set of meals ready to eat for the entire family.

But there is still the lingering memories of the perceived dangers of traditional pressure canning.

Modern Canning Technology Eases Concerns

There had to be a better way.  Technology had made great strides in other areas, why not in the area of pressure canning?

Through research we found that technology has been able to make the process of canning more automated.  Done correctly, the process is fairly automated and much safer than in year’s past.

Power cooker pressure canningWe use a Power Cooker XL as our pressure canner.  This unit can also do slow cooking and pressure cooking in addition to pressure canning,  We use this appliance so much it rarely goes on a shelf in the pantry.

Using sanitary practices you fill the jars with the item you wish to can.  Add the lids and rings and then place them in the pressure canner.  Add the correct amount of water to allow for the creation of steam.  Place the lid on the canner and press the button to start the canning process.  Make sure that you have selected the right amount of time for the product you are canning.  At this point, you are ready to go do something else while your foods can.

There is no noise.  No worries about too much pressure buildup.  You don’t have to worry about letting your foods cook too long.  The pressure is regulated, there is no jiggler to make noise and the timer will turn off the canning process is complete.  It could not get much easier and worry free.

Give Modern Pressure Canning a Chance

Ease your fears and concerns by using technology.  Pressure canning is much easier and safer when you properly use modern technology to your advantage.  Use set-and-forget procedures that let’s you pressure can while you do other things around the house.

Over time, you will create a supply of pressure canned fruits, vegetables, meats and even stews, soups and other meals in a jar.  You will quickly build up your long-term food storage as well as your supplies for everyday heat and eat meals.