Start Simple With Dried Beans

Learn to pressure can with something simple that is really hard to mess up.  I started pressure canning with dried Lima beans.  I learned that I could pressure can foods and that they tasted really good,  Start with simple and easy to gain your confidence.  You can then use your imagination to expand to other foods.

I have broadened the types of vegetables that I pressure can.  We no longer buy canned vegetables at the grocery store.  We have not shopped for canned vegetables in years.  We eat better today than we ever have.  The vegetables taste better and cost much less than store bought canned goods.

You too can fill your pantry with canned vegetables that you did yourself.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Pressure Can Dried Beans

Click The Link To Download My Recipe For Pressure Canning Dried Lima Beans

Here is the recipe and instructions for pressure canning dried Lima beans.  Use the link in the PDF to download the recipe to your computer for use later.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PC Dried Lima Beans”]