Pressure Canning Made Easy

Spicy black eyed peasThis is one of the easiest, simplist and best tasting ways to get into pressure canning.  Dried black-eyed peas are so simple to pressure can and taste so great when you are done.  You can quickly build up your supply of vegetables and completely avoid the canned food aisle at your local store.

We season our vegetables prior to canning the way we like to eat them.  The thought behind this is simple.  We want our vegetables to truly be ‘heat and eat’ when we are ready to use them.  For everyday use this makes it quicker to prepare meals.  During an emergency or disaster we may not have the ability to fully cook or prepare meals.  Adding our spices now and then pressure canning allows us the luxury of being fully prepared for any type of situation.

Watch This Video To Learn How

This video will show you each step of the canning process.  You will learn what ingredients you need to make spicy black-eyed peas and the equipment we use to make pressure canning almost a push button affair.

Download The Recipe

Use the links below to download the entire recipe and instructions for pressure canning spicy black-eyed peas.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PC Dried Black-eyed Peas”]