Pressure Canning White Corn With a Buttery Twist

pressure canning butter flavored white cornTake 8 pounds of fresh white corn from the farm and turn it into 14 jars of buttery delight.  That is what we are doing here.  We love white corn off the cob.  This recipe adds the right flavoring to make this a heat and eat meal for our daily use or long term food storage.

The theory behind our food prep is to can our foods with the seasonings we like so we don’t need seasonings when we are ready to eat.  In a true grid down scenario you may not have the resources to properly cook your food.  You may not have the seasonings you like to make the food taste good.  Food that is raw and unseasoned may not be what your family will eat even in an emergency situation.

Prior to pressure canning we will add the spices to the jars plus some powdered butter to really make this corn taste great.  When complete we will have 14 jars of butter seasoned corn that feeds 3 people per jar.  That is a total of 42 meals.

Watch This Video to Learn How to Make Butter Flavored White Corn

Download the Recipe and Instructions

From the video you saw how easy this process is to do.  Use the link in the PDF below to download the recipe and instructions for pressure canning Butter Flavored White Corn.

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