Is It Legal To Build A Rifle?

It is in most states.  It certainly is legal to build a rifle where I live (or so, according to this great resource I found online).  We are not talking about a loophole in some law.  This is very legal in most states.

I am paraphrasing here and I am not a lawyer.  You should consult legal counsel or do your own research regarding the laws in your state.

lower rifle receivers

The bottom receiver must be milled.
The top receiver is a weapon.

The primary part of a weapon is where the trigger is housed.  In the case of an AR style rifle this is called the lower.  If you buy a lower that is ready to have the trigger and related parts installed you are buying a weapon.  To do this you must go through a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and complete the required paperwork and background check.

Buy a lower that needs additional milling to be ready to accept the trigger and related parts then you are not buying a weapon.  Big difference.

Like I said.  I am paraphrasing and you need to consult and research the laws in your area.

How Hard Is It To Mill Out The Fire Control Pocket?

It does take some skill and the right tools.  There are YouTube videos that show you how to do it.  There are groups on Facebook that coach how to start milling.  A person with minimal equipment and the basic knowledge from high school shop can certainly produce a completed lower like the one depicted in this image.

Spend an evening in the garage with tools such as a drill, drill press or router and you will emerge with a milled lower receiver.  You then add the internal parts to complete the lower receiver.

Completing the AR-10 Rifle Build

Add the grip, butt stock and the barrel assembly (called the upper receiver) and you have a completed AR-10.  The beautiful thing is, you will spend a lot less money building a quality AR-10 rather than buying one.

You also have multiple choices of accessories and calibers to build.  Building your own AR-10 hunting rifle affords you the luxury of customizing it to suite your needs and your tastes.

Want to learn more?  Watch the video series below to see how I built my own AR-10 in my garage one Saturday.