Paramilitary marauders

Marauders and Paramilitary Groups are a Real Threat

Pray early and often that you never have to face this threat.

“I don’t store food. I store lead and with my lead I will take your food” This is not a joke. This is a real quote from people who believe every word. These people are not alone and speaks of a very real danger.

The vast majority of people are not prepared for any type of disaster. They would not last 3 days in any of the disasters listed in this plan. They would not last without their next paycheck. These people will be committing crimes within a matter of hours or days after a disaster. When confronted they will be the first to use lethal force to get whatever they want.

What could make them even more dangerous is if they find others like themselves and they band together. At this point they become no better than the gangs mentioned in another post.

Some of these individuals will have focused almost entirely on guns, ammunition and tactics. They probably will have a very serious supply of weaponry and will have trained heavily with tactics and shooting. You do not want to get into a gunfight with these guys as you will be out-gunned and out-classed from the start.

This type of predator is very dangerous. They have already decided that killing is perfectly acceptable and justifiable to get what they want. They are hungry, homeless and desperate. I cannot stress enough how dangerous this type of individual is.

Avoid Marauders Whenever Possible

Stay out of sight as much as possible and avoid contact.  You could disguise your home by trashing the yard to make it look like your home has already been ransacked and not worth their time.  Dress poorly and avoid carrying an exposed weapon.  (If you have a weapon that they can see they may want to take it from you.)

If staying out of sight in not an option, then you may want to live in a group or community.  Possibly, you may live in an affluent area of town or in a gated community.  You may already be targeted by these groups of marauders.  Keep this in mind when formulating your family’s plan of action.  Create a neighborhood watch group that is large enough to post security and lookout posts.  At least this could give you a little extra time to gather for a fight.

Be Prepared for a Fight

A fight may simply be unavoidable.  In that case fight like you are the 3rd monkey trying to get on the Ark and it is starting to rain.

Get mean.  Get nasty and be prepared to the max as this may be the only thing that saves your life.  Just like the fights you had with the school bully.  Bloody their nose and they may move onto easier targets.