Unprepared friends will cause special problems

Unprepared friends will be a problem for you in a disaster.

Family is family. I am not addressing family. What I am speaking of are friends and acquaintances who simply did not properly prepare for a disaster. This is a hard one and will cause you problems.

We have friends who know that we prepare and try to prep for disasters. Some have said out loud that when a disaster hits they are coming to our house. They laugh. I don’t.

Some people we know have purposely not prepared with supplies of food, shelter and medical necessities.  These people prepare with weapons.  They will openly declare that they are not going to store food and supplies.  Crazy as it may sound, they are storing lead.  And with that lead they will take whatever supplies they need.  More on this in another post.

Help Teach Your Friends To Prepare

When these individuals say that they are coming to our house I make the effort to educate them on what they should do to prepare. I encourage them to start with the basics of disaster preparation and take the baby steps needed to get past the first 72 hours of a disaster. I explain that if they can make it past this time period that they stand a very good chance of making it through the event. Judging their reaction to this encouragement determines my reaction later on.

If I know that they tried and failed to properly prepare I will be much more willing to help when the disaster strikes. If they ignored my warning and encouragement to prepare I am going to be a lot less receptive to their arrival at our door.

The commandment to be prepared, and yes, I do believe that it is a commandment, is a serious one that must be listened to and acted upon.  Start with the basics.  Put together supplies that would get you through a weekend disaster.  That is only 6 meals per person, basic medical supplies, shelter (tent) and the ability to stay warm and dry.  Put together a 72-hour kit and you will have plenty enough to get through a short-term disaster.

Once you have this down then move on to being prepared for a month, then 3 months and so on.  Soon, you will have enough of the basics that you can graduate to even more preps, to the point where you have a year’s worth of supplies.

That is what this site and the accompanying YouTube and Facebook page will do.

Form Groups or Teams

You don’t have to go it alone.  You can actively gather friends, relatives and other like-minded individuals to help fill gaps where you are lacking.  Do you know others with skills that you don’t have?

  • Medical
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Nutrition
  • Knowledge of weaponry
  • Knowledge of woods and crafts

Helping these individuals with skills be prepared will certainly make your chances of surviving a disaster much greater.  Eliminate the problem of unprepared friends by helping them become prepared themselves.  Teach, motivate and help them become self-reliant.  Then the chances of having unprepared friends coming to your door is far less.