Learn To Reload Ammunition

People are learning that reloading and building ammunition is a skill that can be safely learned.  The right equipment, knowledge and supplies combine to make reloading and building ammunition a safe hobby that can have real benefits vs commercially manufactured cartridges.  Here are my top 3 reasons to reload and build ammunition.

Reload Ammunition To Reduce Costs

Lee single stage pressYou can learn to safely build and reload ammunition for your firearms from supplies that you can legally obtain. You will need the right equipment, but that too can be easily obtained.

Reloading brass cases that you can either pick up at the range or purchase online or in some outdoor stores will dramatically reduce your cost of ammunition. I have seen a reduction in excess of 58% in the cost of my ammunition vs buying the same commercially manufactured cartridge.

Buying ammunition is not a cost savings once you have invested in the right reloading equipment.  The supplies needed to build your own ammunition will always be less expensive than buying commercially produced cartridges.

Reload Ammunition To Improve Accuracy

It does no good to fire your weapon if you can’t hit your target.  With ammunition you build yourself you can increase your accuracy for the following reasons.

  1. The quality of your supplies will be much better
  2. As long as you don’t take shortcuts you will have more consistent powder loads
  3. You should inspect every cartridge that you build, thus increasing the quality of the ammunition
  4. You will be able to make adjustments to the powder charges to best fit your firearm

I have seen tighter groups at the range with my own ammunition when compared to the store bought cartridges.  The difference has been dramatic enough for me to never want to buy commercial ammunition again.

Reload Ammunition Is A Marketable Skill

Reloading is a skill that will have significant value in a WROL situation. Ammunition will be in short supply and could be the currency traded by many for food. The ability, the knowledge and having the tools needed to build ammunition will be a commodity in itself.  These skills and tools will be in high demand.

Obtain the tools, knowledge and supplies now while you can. The costs will never be lower than they are now. When needed, these will be in high demand.

Watch this video playlist to learn how to reload, how long it takes and how much it costs.